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Meegan and Jon’s wedding was destined to be an unbelievably beautiful event… for starters they chose Jon’s family horse farm for the festivities. Beyond majestic — rolling hills, miles of stone walls, and views that never end. And that’s not even the good part! Meegan was a wedding design force of nature. Details that any full-time planner would be proud to call their own… antique horse carts, and saddles, and full size barn doors with giant prints from their engagement session… every detail worked, every piece of the puzzle accentuating the next. It was really very unique and so… them. Even more beautiful was how gracious they both were… so excited to share what they had created, yet more excited to be able to share their big day with friends and family. Enjoy!

And to add to the excitement, Meegan & Jon’s wedding was featured by The Knot | New York for fall/winter 2012. Yeah! Big props to Carla from Carla Ten Eyck Photography, Makeup Artist Stacey Palancia from Blush Couture Design, DJ Ronnie Mazal from Musically Yours, and Bonni Manning Catering! All experts at what they do, and a fun group of people to spend an evening with as well!


Somedays all the little wedding tumblers click into place and it’s really, well… easy. I guess maybe easy isn’t the word. Easier?

Stunning couple, amazing venue, great crowd. Oh and don’t forget some of the best light we’ve ever seen cast down on a first dance! Allison literally ‘glowed’. Making things even more enjoyable was the presence of Studio-mates Eric and Amber from Raw Photo Design. They are pros in every sense of the word, made evident by Allison & Joe’s photos here.

Thanks to Allison and Joe for letting us capture such a beautiful wedding!


In the first of what we hope will be a weekly post, we’d like to introduce you to some of the vendors who we have found to be at the top of their industry. If you’ve spent any time researching wedding vendors, you know there is a huge range of talent out there, and an equally wide range of prices. It can be a little confusing for the couple who are doing this for the first (and the last!) time. Hopefully this will serve you as a resource… to help you find not only talented people, but also those who play nice with others. Every weekend, we see these people in action, and each of them can bring something very special to your day. That’s why we work with them, and that’s why we refer them with confidence…





Today’s inaugural post highlights Ronnie Mazal of Musically Yours Premiere DJ Services. Most of us have been to a wedding where the biggest buzz kill in the room was the guy who was supposed to keep the party rockin’. Well have no fear! We’ve seen Ronnie in action, and no one is better at keeping people up and dancing. Of course, some think that’s best accomplished with beach balls, inflatable saxophones, and glowing plastic roses. Blahhh! Musically Yours needs no such cheese.

When I sat down with Ronnie, and asked him what set him apart from his competition, his answer was, “The ability to adapt… all weddings are different, as are all couples, so the DJ who has one set style regardless of the situation is really doing his clients a disservice. By getting to know the couple’s musical tastes and style ahead of time, we can provide services that best suit the couple.”

Musically Yours can be reached @ 203.653.2877 or by e-mail @

P.S. Let ‘em know Vantage Point Films sent you!


OK, I know what you’re thinking… what’s better than getting to spend the day with great friends Eric and Amber Langlois of Raw Photo Design, shoot a ridiculously beautiful girl— scantily clad in sexy lingerie while she bounces from pose to pose— from the bed to the tub to the…

Ummm— what was I talking about again?

In all seriousness, Eric has taken boudoir photography to a whole new level… and the proof’s in the popularity. Whether it’s a gift for a groom the night before the wedding, or just a chance for someone to feel like a supermodel for a day — RAW Boudoir. say it again. Raw Boudoir.

Helping making the beautiful even more beautiful this day were Sue from Naomi’s Salon providing makeup, and Josie from Beneath the Gown, who provided the lingerie for the shoot.



I ventured to the studio of photographer Robert Norman on Tuesday to participate in his much celebrated PHODcast, which gives CT wedding vendors a forum to discuss/vent about/praise the wedding industry and the paths we’ve taken to get there. It was a lot of fun, and negotiations are in the works for the Robert & Tom Hour… a weekly show! (no, not really)

Who doesn’t have 57 minutes and 58 seconds to get inside my head?? Click here, then click on the Thomas Morlock – Vantage Point episode released 3/16/10 to listen.

And by the way, Robert is not only a talented podcast host, but also an awesome photographer. Check out his website here.