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Wow, where to start? I guess with an Irish girl named Bridget who just had to get married on St. Patrick’s Day! And by Irish I don’t mean wears a green shirt once a year, and roots for Notre Dame. Most of her family made the trip, from Ireland, for the big day! Her main concern was that we stopped filming at 9 p.m. so we could have a few drinks with them and enjoy some Irish cheer (we did). A couple times a year we meet people who, after the wedding, we’re kinda bummed we won’t be hanging out with anymore. That’s Stephen and Bridget.

The day kicked off with a tour of Bethel, Connecticut that included a stop at the pub for a few rounds of Greenwood’s finest ale. After the ceremony it was on to The Fox Hill Inn for an awesome, spirited reception. As always, shooting with one of our favorite photographers made the day all the better. Check out Robert Norman’s pictures from the day—they are fantastic! As were the flowers, arranged by Diane Gaudett.


Our first time at Candlelight Farms was spectacular several months back. And Amy and Jeff’s relaxed personalities were a perfect fit for the serene, warm summer afternoon.

Good news… the Amanda James Photography team was awesome to work with. The bad news… they’re from Charlotte, N.C., so not sure we’re gonna get another chance to work together! Also providing her expertise was Nancy of Nancy Smith Flowers. Their work was a perfect complement to the outdoor ceremony and cocktail area.