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I’m not quite sure how to start this one off?

I guess by saying that the people and businesses listed below brought their talents, their enthusiasm, and their love of what they do to New Orleans for a 4-day photo shoot that was without a doubt the most fun and rewarding time I’ve ever spent with a camera in hand. The phrase ‘over the top’ just keeps popping into my head as I try to do it justice…

Wait a minute! I don’t have to write it… I can show you!

So without further interruption and babble, here’s a look back at N’awlins:

If you are Flash-challenged (stuttery playback), then you can watch the Quicktime version by clicking HERE.

And here are the people that made it all happen:

Candice Dowling Coppola at Jubilee Events, Louis at The Cornstalk Hotel, Carla Ten Eyck Photography & assistant shooters Katie Slater and Sara Code-Kroll, Beth Chapman at The White Dress by the Shore, Tony Palmieri from Datura: A Modern Garden, Jennie Fresa Beauty Library, Gala Cloths, Dr. Jazz and the New Orleans Sounds, Sucre, Perlis, MADELiNE Shoes, Poetic License Shoes, Posh Paperie, Twigs and Honey, Karen Lindler Designs, Sarah Drake Design, Elizabeth Porcher Jones Calligraphy, Orange & Blossom, Bella Umbrella, Nachtmann, Riedel, and Pommery Gold POP Champagne.