Wow, where to start? I guess with an Irish girl named Bridget who just had to get married on St. Patrick’s Day! And by Irish I don’t mean wears a green shirt once a year, and roots for Notre Dame. Most of her family made the trip, from Ireland, for the big day! Her main concern was that we stopped filming at 9 p.m. so we could have a few drinks with them and enjoy some Irish cheer (we did). A couple times a year we meet people who, after the wedding, we’re kinda bummed we won’t be hanging out with anymore. That’s Stephen and Bridget.

The day kicked off with a tour of Bethel, Connecticut that included a stop at the pub for a few rounds of Greenwood’s finest ale. After the ceremony it was on to The Fox Hill Inn for an awesome, spirited reception. As always, shooting with one of our favorite photographers made the day all the better. Check out Robert Norman’s pictures from the day—they are fantastic! As were the flowers, arranged by Diane Gaudett.

Our first time at Candlelight Farms was spectacular several months back. And Amy and Jeff’s relaxed personalities were a perfect fit for the serene, warm summer afternoon.

Good news… the Amanda James Photography team was awesome to work with. The bad news… they’re from Charlotte, N.C., so not sure we’re gonna get another chance to work together! Also providing her expertise was Nancy of Nancy Smith Flowers. Their work was a perfect complement to the outdoor ceremony and cocktail area.

Meegan and Jon’s wedding was destined to be an unbelievably beautiful event… for starters they chose Jon’s family horse farm for the festivities. Beyond majestic — rolling hills, miles of stone walls, and views that never end. And that’s not even the good part! Meegan was a wedding design force of nature. Details that any full-time planner would be proud to call their own… antique horse carts, and saddles, and full size barn doors with giant prints from their engagement session… every detail worked, every piece of the puzzle accentuating the next. It was really very unique and so… them. Even more beautiful was how gracious they both were… so excited to share what they had created, yet more excited to be able to share their big day with friends and family. Enjoy!

And to add to the excitement, Meegan & Jon’s wedding was featured by The Knot | New York for fall/winter 2012. Yeah! Big props to Carla from Carla Ten Eyck Photography, Makeup Artist Stacey Palancia from Blush Couture Design, DJ Ronnie Mazal from Musically Yours, and Bonni Manning Catering! All experts at what they do, and a fun group of people to spend an evening with as well!

It’s always wonderful to have the opportunity to shoot a wedding, and then get to go back and revisit the footage later on during editing and see all the good stuff you missed! This wedding was full of that good stuff. But most interesting was Colleen and Sean themselves… demure and unassuming for most of the day, then awesome, hardcore partyers! Adding to the party were Eric and Amber from Raw Photo Design. Their shots from the day are amazing (I know, ‘amazing’ is way overused, but sometimes it’s necessary)!
The Greentree Country Club in New Rochelle was a great fit for this party crowd, as was DJ Ronnie with Musically Yours cranking out tunes. Congrats to Colleen and Sean!

Ohhhh my! Where to begin? I guess with Nora… she’s beautiful, she’s sweet, and über talented! A former contestant on Project Runway, you know she’s bringing all kinds of style to the table. Of course my first question was whether Heidi Klum would be in attendance… but no such luck ;-(

Flowers were by Datura: A Modern Garden. I can’t even comment on their work… it’s beyond beautiful. Check out the film and photo links and you’ll see what I mean. Speaking of photo, Megan LaBarbera of Creative Image Collections shot some amazing stuff from the day, and continues to be someone we look forward to working with. We can’t say enough good things about her… so why try? Just check her out here.

The ceremony and reception were both held at Chamard Vineyards in Clinton, CT. They blew us away with their beautiful grounds and buildings, as well as their hospitality. And perhaps the highlight of the day… the opportunity to FINALLY meet and work with Event Design and Planner Extraordinaire Sarah True, of True Event. She pulled the day together in such a beautiful way, and kept her composure even when the best man decided that a late night, fully-clothed swim in the pond was a good idea! She’s awesome, and definitely on our ‘gotta work with her some more’ list.

Enjoy the film, and congratulations to an awesome couple!

Somedays all the little wedding tumblers click into place and it’s really, well… easy. I guess maybe easy isn’t the word. Easier?

Stunning couple, amazing venue, great crowd. Oh and don’t forget some of the best light we’ve ever seen cast down on a first dance! Allison literally ‘glowed’. Making things even more enjoyable was the presence of Studio-mates Eric and Amber from Raw Photo Design. They are pros in every sense of the word, made evident by Allison & Joe’s photos here.

Thanks to Allison and Joe for letting us capture such a beautiful wedding!

Nora and Tyler’s big day at Eolia – The Mansion at Harkness Park was really something special. For starters, they are two of the most genuine, real people we’ve worked with. Once every so often you actually feel love in a room, and it was there. Usually a foggy day is kind of a bummer… but not today! It came off the water and created this beautiful, ethereal backdrop for photos… captured perfectly by Danielle Fuller of Beyond the Lens Photography. If you can’t get enough Nora and Tyler, go check out Danielle’s work that day here.

Congratulations to a wonderful couple.. and their special families.

Everyone likes praise. Nothing brightens our day more than knowing we’ve made someone really happy with our work. And having them share that with the world… well that’s even better! With that in mind, when I read what Mary Dinneen (Mother of photographer/bride Alissa Dinneen) wrote to me after viewing her daughter’s wedding film (June 9th), I… I… well, just read on and see what I mean:


Dear Thomas,
In the hotel room the morning of Alissa’s wedding I wondered why you were taking pictures. SURPRISE NUMBER ONE…you weren’t. You WERE film-ing.
From 5th grade when Alissa carried my bags till she was 24 and the main photographer for Photography by Mary & Alissa Dinneen, we planned her wedding day. The dreams were perfect. SURPRISE NUMBER TWO…reality isn’t. You WERE film-ing.
The final months before The Day brought relentless winter storms and challenges. John and Alissa’s wedding was a blur, a silent movie in my mind. I watched as the slides flickered. SURPRISE NUMBER THREE…The camera of my mind was out of focus. You WERE film-ing.
My only memory of you is in that hotel room. I saw another man at the reception. He must have been with you. Time passed. Life marched on. I forgot you were ever at the wedding. SURPRISE NUMBER FOUR…the morning Alissa sent me your Video Highlight of their wedding. You WERE film-ing.
Like the force of the violent storm and rain that struck last night, emotions pelted through me as I watched the dreams that were a blur unfold. I am so overwhelmed by the force of what you created in that highlight. SURPRISE NUMBER SIX…Vantage Point Films captured the heart and soul of the wedding and the future’s promise for our families. You WERE film-ing.
I am lost for words to express the magnitude of the effect the video has had on me. I spent twenty five years doing wedding photography for others, treating each one like my own. It is so different being on the other side of the lens and Alissa being the bride. SURPRISE NUMBER SEVEN… LUCKY SEVEN. You WERE film-ing.
With deep gratitude and respect I thank you, for the visual of JOY that unfolded dreams and plans of a lifetime for Alissa’s wedding day. “Images the Heart Remembers” (my tagline) to cherish the rest of our lives.
Mary Dinneen, Mother of the Bride
I never imagined dedicating an entire blog post to one testimonial/thank you, but after reading that, I’m sure you get it. Thanks Mary… you made our year!

In late April we took our show on the road to The Garden State. Who knew the state known for Bon Jovi and Snookie would prove to also give us one of our classiest and most beautiful weddings of the year?

Corinne and Matt chose the ridiculously beautiful Mallard Island Yacht Club on Long Beach Island for the ceremony and reception. We see a lot of gorgeousness, and this place was right up there with the best of them! Also making the trip south were photographers Eric and Amber from Raw Photo Design. This wedding was tailor-made for their style, made obvious by some of their fav shots here. You’ll say ‘wow’.

Here are some more talented folks who lent their skills to the big day: Caterer: Merri Makers Catering / Makeup: Magnifique Makeup by Dominique / Hair Styling: Aqua Blue Salon in LBI / Floral Design: MDS Floral Design / Stationary Design: Stephanie Somodi / Gown designed by Ines Di Santo via Bridal Reflections / Bride’s shoes by Benjamin Adams /  DJ: Craig Scott Entertainment